Monday, January 24, 2011

Remembering: Nerf Maverick

About the new Nerf Maverick Color: Let’s remember all of them!.

The first one, the original N-Strike color: Blue (main color) and Yellow. It’s neither being sold anymore nor in production. You can only find it on ebay.com or amazon.com. 




The second one, the current Maverick’s main color scheme: Yellow (main color) and black. You can find it in any department store and toy store.




The third color scheme is… a not colored Maverick! Except for those oranges details. It’s its clear edition, released last year. It con be found in many department stores and toy stores, besides ebay.com and amazon.com .


This one was also released last year. The Maverick Sonic series, a green colored clear series MAverick. It’s only sold at Toys “R” Us, and it was released last year.




The las one (still to be released) is the new-colored Nerf Maverick! A brand-new color scheme for a Nerf N-Strike blaster. Its main color is white, and the second color is the dark-gray, with orange details. Enjoy it below:





Saturday, January 22, 2011

Release: Quick 16 and Speedload 6


Fresh News! Read While it’s recent! Today, at the official Nerf’s Hasbro stores, there was the official release of the Speedload 6 and of the Quick 16. If you are unwilling to believe, check out those images below:clip_image004clip_image002

If you’re still unwilling to believe, you can access these three links below:




Besides the blasters, were released today the official Dart Tag Jersey (way beter than the old one, but more expensive and it’s sold separately) and the official vision gear. Now we’ll have to wait until the Swarmfire’s official release, and, for Brazilian people like me, we’ll have to wait until they’re spotted at Amazon.com or E-bay.

An extra new: The Speedload 6’s box was officially released today. You can check it below:


Remember: it’s Nerf, or nothin’!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Presentation

Hi, this blog is an English Version of my brazilian blog. You can access this blog to read Nerf news from my other blog in English. That's all, folks!